"Pure dominion transcends morality."

True Name- unknown
Age- unknown
Prefered Weapon- multi-strap hooked whip


  • Vasa Iniquitatis
Fate- Unknown

-Abigor's thoughts on Continental Domination-

Abigor is a cenobite that appears only in the Hellraiser comic collections, heavily in the Devil's Brigade series, and is well known to be the sister to fellow cenobite, the Female Cenobite. She has been known to be an active cenobite since at least 1991. Aside from her sister, nothing much is known of Abigor's past.



Abigor was with the Blemmyes, demonic creatures in Hell that know pleasure as well as the cenobites know pain, when she was summoned by Flagellum to prevent Hell from falling into chaos. Abigor became a member of the Vasa Iniquitatis, alongside Atkins, Face, Balberith and Pinhead, and was assigned Michael Decourcy.

May 1991, Pieter Schoeman, The Minister of the Interior of Volksland, summoned Abigor using an unknown puzzle box. She told Schoeman that she had been chosen by God to show Michael Decourcy the "way", in which she asured Schoeman she would help create order in Volksland. To close the deal Abigor kissed Schoeman but mutilated his face afterward.

July 1991, Abigor is specifically chosen by Leviathan to lead Volksland into order. Abigor in need of an acomplice chose Schoeman to aid her in her mission. When Michael Decourcy took his son to the Decourcy monument, Abigor showed Schoeman a vision of Niles and Zoya, two lovers determined to help their country. Abigor made Schoeman tell Wagner, a member of Volksland's army, about the two as Abigor was determined not to fail Leviathan. Wagner later murders Niles because of this.


July/August 1992, After a year of progress Abigor believed when domination was absolute, it was perfection. After completing her mission of domination she told Schoeman he was a perfect slave to Hell. She later instructed him to hang himself. When Abigor returned to Hell she had to face Leviathan regarding her missions. Leviathan is overall pleased with Abigor's sucess.

Sometime after completing her mission, Abigor, alongside Master, Brain and an unidentified cenobite, listen to Stalker tell his story to see if he is worthy to become a servant of Hell. Master decided that Stalker had potential but overall did not understand the cenobites' philosiphies yet. Abigor, Master, Brain and the other cenobite tore Stalker to shreds.


Abigor is a cenobite who has pale skin and very little black hair. Her mouth is stretched into a zipper-like style on either side and she has narrow spikes inserted into the top of her skull. Her weapon of choice is a whip with multiple hooks attached to straps at the end. She wears a revealing dominatrix-style leather bound suit and has long razor sharp fingernails.


  • Devil's Brigade: Call to Arms
  • Devil's Brigade Part II: Inside the Laager
  • Devil's Brigade Part X: Black and White
  • Devil's Brigade Part XII: Endolsüng: The Final Solution
  • Devil's Brigade Part XVIII: Reckoning
  • Later
  • The Harrowing part I: Ressurrection


  • Everything about Abigor's past, except being the sister of The Female cenobite, is currently unknown.
  • It is unknown if Abigor was a nun like her sister.
  • Abigor in demonology is a great Duke of hell and he rules 60 legions of demons.