Aeshma Deva
Name Aeshma Deva
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hell's Army
Previous Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Rogue Cenobite
Gashes Alastor's Gash
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Yama Vidatu (Sister)
First Appearance

Aeshma Deva was a Cenobite serving in Hell's Army alongside her sister, Yama Vidatu. Both Aeshma and Yama later joined Alastor's Gash as rogue Cenobites intent on wiping out the Nightbreed once and for all. In the end, the rogue Cenobites failed, and in their attempt to flee persecution, Aeshma lost her life after being stabbed in the back.



Aeshma has golden hair that covers her entire body, though they are very short and fine hairs that its sometimes hard to see. She is rather short, sometimes looking like a dwarf, and has long slits on either side of her mouth, much like Abigor. She wears a revealing leather outfit and her preferred weapon seems to be a jagged knife. She is very protective of her sister and vice versa.</span>


Alastor's Gash became rogue after deciding to wipe out the ancient species called the Nightbreed, who favour chaos to order and oppose Leviathan. Leviathan outlawed the slaughter of the Nightbreed as killing them only incites the chaos the cenobites oppose in the first place.

Alastor lead a jihad at any rate, so Aeshma and Yama both joined his Gash with Charun and Gehenna to fight the Nightbreed against Hell's order. Leviathan, noting Alastor's behavious, sent Pinhead and Chatterer to stop them from causing too much damage. Pinhead and Chatterer fought the Gash and apprehended Alastor and Chalkis, without their leaders, the other cenobites attempted an escape, while Charun was dragged back to Hell via chains and killed, Aeshma Deva got a knife in the back and was killed. She was mourned greatly by her older sister.



  • The Devil You Know
  • As Above...
  • ... So Below


  • Aeshma Deva means Demon of Wrath