Name Alastor
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hell
Previous Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Rogue Cenobite
Gashes Alastor's Gash
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
"You dont like me much, do you, Xipe Totec? Its alright, you can tell me..." "Yours is a rectum by which the Abyss itself pales in comparison"

"Is--is that so? Well, let me tell you something--" Pinhead walks off. "What'd he say?"

"I think he just called you Hells biggest asshole."

--Exchanged between Pinhead and Alastor, followed by Alastor and Chalkis--

Alastor is a cenobite who, thanks to Leviathan, is forever attatched to his lover via golden chain. He is known for his acts of treason against Hell and attacks on both Nightbreed and fellow cenobites such as Pinhead.


Alastor is a rather fat cenobite who has a golden arrow lodged in his skull and golden chains that wrap around his skull, some of which are hooked and stretch open his mouth. Alastor is also connected to his lover, Chalkis, via golden chain attatched to his waist. Alastor has a black ponytail and wears a leather bound outfit like most other cenobites, though Alastor's doesn't have a top. Alastor seems to be a fan of gold earrings as well. His weapon of choice is a large battle axe.


Alastor organized a gash to help deal with the current Nightbreed issues as cenobites view the Nightbreed as chaos to their law and order. Alastor's Gash consisted of Charun, Chalkis, Gehenna, Aeshma Deva and Yama Vidatu. Together they fought visiously against the Nightbreed, even going as far as to disobey Leviathan's orders, therefore disobeying Hell itself. Leviathan ordered Chatterer and Pinhead to take down Alastor and his gash. The two cenobites confronted the Gash and Alastor and Chalkis were the only ones to stay to fight as the others all fled for their lives. The two rogues were defeated and executed when Leviathan set his only Nightbreed, Peloquin, on the two after transforming them back into their human forms.

Long after the anarchist cenobites were executed and the Vasa Iniquitatis had won the battle for order, Pinhead was brought into Hell's court by Praetur Abator, Hell's judge. There Griot read off many pieces of history that Pinhead was fully involved in, one of which was dealing with Alastor and Chalkis' Jihad



  • As Above...
  • ... So Below


  • It is possible that what motivated Alastor's treason against Hell was Doomsdayer's speech of doubt towards Leviathan's protection methods directed at the ceobites.
  • It was Alastor who revealed Chatterer's real name in ... So Below as Mictlantecutli.
  • Alastor means avenger which is why he rebeled