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Alastor's Gash is a group of cenobites that retaliated against Hell to try and bring down The Nightbreed, Lead by Alastor. They failed their own mission and at least four of them were executed.


  • Alastor- The Leader. He was Chalkis's lover and when they were defeated they were turned human and fed to the Nightbreed.
  • Chalkis- Lover of Alastor and forever connected to him via gold chain. When defeated she and Alastor were turned human and were fed to The Nightbreed.
  • Charun- The Hammer, Charun was extremely loyal to Alastor. He was taken to Hell and presumably executed after defeat.
  • Yama Vidatu - The Older Sister, Yama is the older sister to Aeshma and together they fought next to Alastor. Her fate is unknown.
  • Aeshma Deva- The Younger Sister, Yama's younger sister who fought next to her and Alastor. Executed after defeat.
  • Gehenna- Skull and Bones, Gehenna is a skeletal cenobite with control over fire. His fate is unknown.



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