Real Name- unknown

Age- unknown

Prefered Weapon

  • Invisibility
  • Manipulation


  • Hell's Librarian


  • Vasa Iniquitatis
Fate- Unknown

Hell's Librarian, who loves to read out of her books made from humans' skin. Balberith is known to have been an old friend of Pinhead and thus had numerous appearences thoughout the comic series of Hellraiser.


At an unknown point in time before the Devil's Brigade had been brought together, Pinhead had fallen into past incarnations of himself and could not return by himself. Balberith, alongside many other of Pinhead's old allies (Atkins, Face, Gehenna etc.) joined together to go retireve him from the abyss. Much like Gehenna, Balberith experienced her past during the adventure, where we learn that Balberith had a child that had become ill and was close to death, so Balberith opened the doors to Hell and bartered her soul away for her child's recovery.


Balberith was Hell's Librarian and was fourth to be summoned by Flagellum during the Time Configuration, alongside Abigor, Face, Atkins and Pinhead, which Balberith knew about by reading Robert Yaeger's Dictionaire Infernal, so she had expected to be "called to arms". Balberith was then assigned to Father Abaddon.

Balberith was then summoned by a male dancer named Martin when he preformed "The Dance", a puzzle though dance. Balberith cut off Martin's hand, as he died before she had gotten there, and with it created the Hand of Glory. The Hand of Glory could make her turn invisible which would be a great asset in her plans to retain order. Luke, a man with too many mental issues to count, craves order which keeps Father Abaddon to his purpose. Balberith saw him as a threat to her plans and killed Luke before he could make any kind or complications.

To try and speed up the missions process, Balberith tried to influence Samuel and Father Abaddon to turn to order, but instead caused them to experience doubt. When Father Abaddon's crusade gained more strength, Balberith had planned to kill Samuel, thus forcing Abaddon to lead both congregations on a New Inquisition. Rebecca and David were two people who knew of the cenobite's existence and wished to expose it, but when they interfered they just angered Balberith. Balberith revealed herself to Rebecca and attacked her with a knife, which caused her to seemingly attack Abaddon as well. Balberith was slightly disappointed by how easy it had been to manipulate Abaddon.


After a year of manipulating Abaddon's dreams and haunting him with his past along with fortelling Samuel's death, Balberith asked Flagellum how the War was going and told her that she would succeed. When Samuel disagreed with her plan Balberith ripped away the railing of his balcony, causing him to fall to his death. Balberith successfully drove Abaddon to begin a new fundamentalist church.


Balberith was an elderly cenobite who had large circular glasses that we stitched to her face and pointed teeth. She carried around a book made out of human flesh commonly, due to her love of reading and her job as Hell's Librarian. She is honoured and loved by many other cenobites, including Pinhead. Unlike other cenobites she does not wear a leather bound suit, but instead wears a black dress. She is also one of few cenobites to have hair, although greying.


  • The Devil's Brigade part I: Call to Arms
  • The Devil's Brigade part VI: One True Faith
  • The Devil's Brigade part XI: Believe the Sinners
  • The Devil's Brigade part XIV: Echos, Dreams and Revelations
  • Pinhead volume 1


  • Balberith, using the Hand of Glory to turn invisible, uses her qualities of manipulation to compare herself well with that of a wraith. Haunted shards of memory.
  • Balberith is one of few cenobites that has hair.