Human Name: Unknown

Affiliations: Hell's Army

Gashes: His Own
Fate: Unknown

Blue Boy is a rather unknown cenobite but is known to be very kind and welcoming to fellow cenobites and new entrees to Hell's ranks.


During Vietnam soldier Atkins traveled into a Tunnel of Love in search for hidden Viatemese. Blue boy was one of three cenobites that came to greet Atkins after he had unknowingly solved the Tunnel of Love puzzle by moving through it in the correct sequence. It alongside the cenobites Laughing Boy and Halo II helped guide Atkins to Leviathan where he was made into a very influential cenobite who had control over Hell's Armoury.


Blue boy is an unnaturally tall cenobite, being taller than Atkins when crouched, he wears a small leather outfit like most other cenobites. He has blue skin, hence his name, large eyes with dark rings underneath, a large metal ring inserted above his head with many wires holding open his mouth revealing large pointed teeth and he had a third arm between his shoulder blades.



  • Tunnel of Love