A pseudo cenobite more commonly known as Hunger's Troop IV, once was a member of Byron's family, though

Cenobite 11
Human Name - Unknown

Occupation -

  • Byron's Family member
  • Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes - Hunger's
Fate - Unknown

almost murdered by him.



Burns was an unknown member of Byron's family and when Byron set his house on fire to attempt killing his father, who Byron had discovered was a Puzzle Guardian for the Book of Riddles, unfortunately for Byron, his father was unnaffected by the fire. However Byron solved the Book of Riddles and summoned Hunger, alongside his pet, Sharp Teeth, Walnuthead, Needles, Nosferatu and Gridhead. Hunger formed two more cenobite pets from the remains of his cousins, aunts and uncles that Byron had recently killed, but one was apparently worthy of becoming a pseudo cenobite rather than a lowely pet, so this family member became Hunger's troop, Burns.

Byron and Whitcomb are then taken to Hell after the cenobites have had "fun" with any survivors of the fire and some firemen that had recently arrived, Burns was never seen again leaving his fate unknown.


Not much is known about Burns, from what can be seen he is made completely from scarred and burned flesh, having no visable features aside from a grinning, lipless, permanently smiling mouth. Burns is the only known cenobite troop of Hunger's to have been a pseudo cenobite.



  • Fire Trap


  • Burns' overall design is very similar to that of Chatterer

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