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Cenobites are mutilated, demonic, surreal, nightmare beings created by the Hell god, Leviathan. They were led by Pinhead untill his destruction by the Minos space station in 2127. Their current leader, if any, is unknown. All beings of the flesh can be turned into cenobites, though demons can be fused into human flesh and therefore become vulnerable to the transformation, as seen with Angelique. Cenobites have many powers, abilities and identities depending on the nature of their respective mutilations.


To become a cenobite, a fleshed being is restrained and held in place by either chains or fleshy tenticles. They are then given an iconic and painful mutilation, they are stripped naked and inflicted with further, yet lesser, mutilations. They are then outfitted with a black leather fetish/bondage suit which display and support their mutilations and scarrings. During the whole transformation, their blood is replaced by a blue fluid which turns dark black/blue once inside the body.

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