Clown cenobite .
Human Name: Winky Dink
Affiliation: Hell's Army

Prefered Weapons

  • Hooks
  • Knives
  • Electricution
Fate: Unknown

Clown is a cenobite with the appearence much like that of clown cenobites, except he himself ranks much higher in Hell than the clown cenobites do.


In life, he was the host of the Mr. Winky Dink show, he one day unlocked the Lament Configuration and was taken to Hell where he was recruited specially for Leviathan's needs. A group of children in Hell called the 'Too-Innocent-to-be-Truly-Damned, were who Winky dink was forced to entertain for eternity by hosting a specialized version of his show from his humanity in Hell. Although he is shown as an always smiling clown inbetween shows when he shows his second face it is shown that Winky Dink is quite miserable in Hell. In his show he entertains the children with several horrific acts, all of which upset them. When he eventually does a 'tame' magic trick of pulling a simple bunny from a hat, Leviathan rips his guts out as a warning. Winky Dink must continue performing until "the performance where he finally gets it right"

When a man unlocks the Lament Configuration, Winky Dink, now the Clown cenobite, who was majorly transformed for getting his show right, comes to retrieve him. Clown's cenobite pet Agathion showed compassion towards the man trying to convince Clown to give him the benefit of the doubt, so clown uses an electrical field to destroy Agathion.


Clown cenobite

Clown's Face

Clown was first a cenobite with two faces, one was a classical smiling clown with pale skin and bright couloured makeup, But his second face underneath was that of a sad old man with yellowish eyes and bright green hair.

Clown's made over form is much more drastic, he has a shaved head with hooked chains stretching his forehead, his mouth has been molded into a permanent grin, he has rather blank, tired looking eyes and numerous cuts along his chest and stomach. He wears a classical cenobite's leather bound suit.



  • Clowning Around
  • Dead Things Rot

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