A cenobite that was part of Merkova's team who were asked by the General to kill the Harrowers as a final attempt to stop them. Once the batle ensued it didn't take too long for the Harrowers to pick off the five cenobite troops following Merkova, with their god-like cenobite killing weapons gifted to them by Morte Mamme. Cowboy was dead, but his body was put to use as the General crafted a demon

The Furaie

called The Furaie out of the fallen cenobites' body parts as part of his last chance to prove himself to Leviathan. Although together the Harrowers were no match for the Furaie's power, Marty Seven Birds was able to sacrifice himself and plunge both him and the demon into the deepest depths of Hell.


Cowboy was a rather short cenobite wearing a black leather cowboy outfit, including the boots and a cowboy hat over his blonde hair. His mouth is cut from cheek to cheek and he has small amounts of facial hair. He has three arrows in his chest that weave through his skin, most likely a reference to the old legend of cowboys and indians being sworn enemies. As an added body his stomach seems to be sliced open by metal sheets



The Harrowers part 2


  • Cowboy is one of few cenobites with hair.