The Elephant Woman is a cenobite who lacks the importance of other cenobites like Face or Hunger in the comic series, appearing in only one issue. Overall though she is still one of the most exotic cenobites out there


The Elephant Woman appears briefly in the Razing Hell story No One Ever Dies in Hell (which of course is not true as many cenobites have died in Hell) after Lee is brought to Hell she is charged with his torture which includes ripping out his teeth, one by one.


The Elephant Woman is a cenobite who wears only a small leather suit around her waist and has an exposed chest. She also has dark eyes, large elephant ears and a trunk of an elephant. Her feet also appear to either be a true elephant's or boots made out to look similar.


  • No One Ever Dies in Hell


  • The Elephant Woman is one of the only female cenobites to have herself "exposed".