"So pure, so perfect"

-Face talking about the Crystalline Souls-

Vastly known for having a large variety of faces that he staples onto his own head, which is lacking skin. He only appears in the comic series but is one of the most heavily featured ones there is in the entire collection. Face runs the grand theater in Hell where he shows public torment.

History Edit


Lon Chanley, an actor praised for his realistic looking masks, couldn't quite come up with the right mask for a role in Oliver Twist. When Chanley found a person with the perfect face he "waited" until the person died in an "accident" when an explosion of soundless light erupted in his store. He then stole the persons face and used it as his mask in Oliver Twist.


In London, Chanley did the same with a freak whose face he used for a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Chanley then proposed to the love of his life, but when she said that someone else had beaten him to the punch, Chanley poured sulferic acid on the mans' face and was about to remove it to use in the Phantom of the Opera when a detective came to stop him. Before Chanley could be arrested he was taken to Hell by Pinhead where he was made into the cenobite Face. Face used other people's face's as masks to cover his skinless head that he held together with screws, but Face later found that he preferred staples.


Face is summoned by the Lament Configuration after which he used Brian Rhodes to capture souls and bring them to Face where he would watch Brian torture the souls with a scalpel before Face brought them to Hell. Soon after Maureen Endicot struck a deal with Face to bring in crowds of people from the new Disneyland to him. Face agreed and he watched Maureen torture Brian with much pleasure.


While preparing for a show, Face was summoned by Flagellum. Face was the second cenobite to be summoned as part of the Vasa Iniquitatus to ensure order survives, he was assigned Leo Shabel.

A woman named Lisa Ann solves the Heart of Elegance puzzle, and is taken over by Face. Face, as Lisa, kissed Leo Shabel and gave him $10,000.00 to keep the Street Haven, a homeless shelter located near Hell street, open. As Lisa, Face told Leo to wish for whatever he wanted, as Hell wants Leo to create order in the streets.

Face later decides to try and figure out what it is that will keep Leo happy, so he possessed Lisa Ann again to try and seduce Leo into finding out more about him. Face's mission was a success as he found out Leo's past, but the mission failed when digging into Leo's past sparked his insanity and he killed Lisa. Face wondered how high Leo's aims were, and Lisa Ann tries to warn Leo of Face before she dies. When Face returned to Hell, Flagellum warned him that he was going too far with Leo. Flagellum believed the situation could still be saved and she re-animated Lisa's corpse. When Leo next met Lisa, he ripped off her face to reveal Face who then left Lisa's body to confront Leo. Leo then ripped off Face's mask to see the true culprit behind all of this madness, but was driven even further to insanity when he saw his own face. Leo ran off in terror and killed a homeless man, and Face thought that Leo had just given him "one hell of a show".

Unknown Year in the FutureEdit

At the Crystal Precipice, which holds the Crystalline Souls, Face watches over them as the Crystalline Souls are his friends. Face watched the Crystal Precipice to see which astronaut would solve it and release the trapped souls. Ernest, an astronaut, made it and he became a servent to Face, the price was that Face had to take an ounce of his flesh before giving him Andrea, another astronaut and Ernests love interest, as a reward. Barry, yet another astronaut, came looking for her so Face had to kill her quickly. Meanwhile the final astronaut, Felice, was who Ernest wanted to replace Andrea but when he approached her, she tore apart Ernest's face. Ernest shot at her but instead shot one of the Crystalline Souls. Face then took him to Hell to be remade into a Cenobite pet.

Face was one of the many cenobites who had volunteered to travel back in time to find Pinhead when he fell back in time into his past incarnations of himself.


Face is a rather old cenobite who wears a leather suit. He has no skin and wears peoples' faces that he attatches to his own face to use as masks. He has quite the collection.



  • The Warm Red
  • The Crystal Precipice
  • To Prepare Face
  • The Devil's Brigade: Call to Arms
  • The Devil's Brigade part III: The Haven on Hell Street
  • The Devil's Brigade part VIII: Command Preformance
  • The Devil's Brigade part XIII: Breakdown in Red


  • Flagellum thinks of Face as a thespian for his failure.
  • He is an obvious reference to Lon Chaney who was an actor who played the Hunchback Of Notre Dame and the Phantom Of The Opera.

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