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Fandancer (to the left of Pinhead's past incarnation, Scarred Hide.)

Fan Dancer is an old cenobite that was part of Pinhead's past incarnation from the 1800's, Scarred Hide's, Gash called the Sufferers Guild.


Sometime after Pinhead fell into his first past incarnation's life, he found himself leading a group of older cenobites in the Western Age from Colorado 1879. Fan Dancer, alongside her brother Dixie, became members of the Sufferers' Guild with Hangman, Scarred Hide, and Snake Oil. Together they fought those who were against Hell's order, much like present day Hell's cenobites, until the very end. Snake Oil and Dixie died together after Snake Oil's chemicals fell on them. Hangman managed to die after getting dragged for miles under a wagon he was riding, and Scarred Hide was eliminated as well, all deaths were caused by a man known as Aggregate. After Scarred Hide was eliminated this sent Pinhead into another Past Incarnation. This left Fandancer as the only cenobite from the Sufferer's Guild to survive. As Fan Dancer is not known to be a cenobite in present day Hell, it is likely she was killed later by someone or something unknown.


Fan Dancer had blueish pale skin. She has long black hair and a bandaged face, the bandage covers one of her eyes. She has numerous tatoos and markings along her thighs, arms and face. Her primary weapon is her fan, which inspired her name, which has numerous blade fixated inside it. She wears a purple traditional outfit which makes her stand out as her other cenobite companions wear traditional black bound leather. Fan Dancer also seems to be the second to command after Scarred Hide. She is also the older sister of fellow cenobite Dixie and she was very protective of him.


  • Pinhead volume 2


  • Fan Dancer's appearence seems to be similar to some traditional Aboriginal designs, most likely to fit in better with the Western theme, as this time period was all about settlement with explorers and the Aboriginal peoples.

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