Human name: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Cenobite
Hair: None
Eyes: Purple
Gashes: N/A
Status: Alive/Undead
First appearance:

Clive Barker's Hellraiser #7 - Devil's Brigade: Part One; I in the Pyramid; Demons to Some, Angels to Others; Under the Knife; Clowning Around

Appears in: 8 issues

Sister Flagellum the "Watcher of the Order" is a Cenobite priestess of Leviathan. She sleeps in deep meditation, devoid of any and all sensations, unless awakened by Leviathan for matters of grave significance.


Flagellum was not a virgin by choice. Sure, she had resolved to keep herself chaste for marriage, expecting the right guy to come along at some point. The right guy never came though. Constant rejection and her own building lust drove her to increasingly desperate fantasies of masturbation that demanded far more than simple battery-operated devices. Things like the Tantric Belt of Maithuna and the Yoni Clamp were good starts, but it was the Obsidian Rhombus Phallus that brought Flagellum to her first and last orgasm. It lived on rats and sewage, it killed her dog in a self-gratifying act of perversion, and after a full week of twisting her body into the proper position, the Phallus killed the fully sated Flagellum.

In death she became a Cenobite and now stands guard for her master Leviathan, dreaming of its beautiful structures of order, awakening only at the first signs of chaos, whereupon it falls unto her to rally the forces necessary to reinstate order and allow her to return to her lonely dreams once again.

Time ConfigurationEdit

Flagellum had summoned Atkins, Face, Abigor, Balberith and Pinhead to stop a crisis that would result in chaos, in their journey their pasts are each and all revealed to them over the course of their task. The five Cenobites form a new Gash called the "Vasa Iniquitatis".