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Gehenna entering Hell through fire.

Gehenna is an ancient cenobite who joined in Alastor's plot to retaliate. He was featured heavily in the Pinhead and Jihad storylines.


Gehenna was once a man living sometime around the Medival Era as a servant of a deluded priest. He was charged with sending children into a pit of fire called the Pit of Molech to "appease the gods" and when guards threw Gehanna's own son into the pit, Gehenna ran in after him. Unknown to him, the Pit of Molech was actually a gateway to Hell and there he was made into a cenobite.

Gehenna, being a cenobite, could not remember his past and so when he volunteered to save Pinhead after he fell into his past incarnation, Xipe Totec's, life, Gehenna had his past revealed to him.

Much later, after the events of the Pinhead and Devil's Brigade series, Gehenna was swayed to join Alastor's Gash and follow Alastor against Hell to destroy the Nightbreed once and for all. Leviathan ordered Pinhead and Chatterer to take down the rogue cenobites, and when the two confronted the group, Gehenna went with every other cenobite in the Gash, save for Alastor and Chalkis, to seek safety somewhere else. Although two of the cenobites, Charun and Aeshma, were killed in the process. The fate of the cenobites who were alive at the end of the Jihad story line is unknown but it is likely they were all executed.


Gehenna's skin was burned off from the waist up, until he was nothing but bone. In Hell, Gehanna had spikes inserted into his skull and he was bound to a large wooden collumn with barbed wire. After entering Hell Gehenna gained the unique ability to generate and control fire. Gehenna was an old friend of Pinhead's and it would have been hard on Pinhead knowing that he may have to execute his friend for treason.


  • Pinhead volume 1
  • Pinhead volume 5
  • As Above...
  • ...So Below


Gehenna is a destination for the wicked.

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