"One constant known by one and all: suffering!"

Human Name - Unknown
Age - Atleast 1000 years old (If alive)
Occupation - Cenobite in Hell's Army
Fate - Unknown


Grillard is a cenobite that is hundreds of years old, first appearing in the year 1223.



Grillard and his Pet both appear when Lady Carillion first solved the ornate box around the times of the crusades.
Ornate Box

The Ornate Box

Although instead of taking Lady Carillion in to Hell, Grillard takes Count Carillion instead. Soon after though, Lady Carillion finds out she is pregnant and a man named Robataille declares war on Satan.


She once again solves the Ornate Box and summons Grillard once again, but this time he takes Lady Carilion and Robataille to Hell and makes Count Carillion reborn.


Grillard has a split head that has been stitched back up, and a disfigured face, bin bulbous and lumpy. He has a corkscrew lodged through his nose and his mouth extended in two places by chained hooks that are connected to two of his four exposed breasts.



Canons of Pain


  • It has ben rumoured that Grillard was the cenobite that changed Sister Nikoletta into the Female Cenobite