Original Name: N/A

Affiliation: Puzzle Box Guardian


  • Frank Baker
  • Little John
  • Lawrence Mortorff
  • Doug Bradley
  • Daniel Buran

Fate: Alive

First Appearence: Hellraiser

Last Appearence: Hellraiser: Revelations

"What's your pleasure sir?"

-The Guardian's most common phrase-

The Guardian of the Lament Configuration, like other Guardians, has a sole purpose of retrieving and distributing its puzzle box, the Lament Configuration from and to those who seek it.

History Edit

The Guardian of the Lament Configuration was created some time after Phillipe LeMarchande created the Lament Configuration by Orno in order to protect it, as this Puzzle Box was unique, having not been created by Orno but by a human instead.

1876 Edit

The Guardian of the Lament Configuration poses as a man not from around town who came to play a game of poker against a local gambler. If the Guardian won, then he was allowed to take everything of Jed's, but if Jed won, then the Guardian would give him the most valuable thing in the world. Jed insisted on using his deck of cards, to which he nearly drew a dead mans hand (two pairs of Aces and Eights), which allowed him to win against the Guardian. The Guardian then transformed into its true form and flew off with the Lament Configuration as he does not own what is most valuable.

Hellraiser TimelineEdit

Througout the film the Guardian takes the form of a hobo and stalks Kirsty, at one point even coming into the pet store she was working at and devours handfuls of live crickets before being forced by Kirsty to leave.
300px-The Puzzle Guardian 1

The Guardian does not appear again until after the cenobites and Engineer had been sent back to Hell, and Kirsty was attempting to burn the Lament Configuration. The Guardian walks into the fire and sheds his facade, appearing before Kirsty and Steve in its true form before flying away with the Lament Configuration. The Guardian is then shown later back in Morocco, posing as a merchant and selling another person the Lament Configuration.

The Guardian does not appear again until after Kirsty has once again been through Hell, and Pinhead and his Gash have been killed, The Guardian rises from the ground into a store specializing in the sale of modern art in the form of the Moroccan Peddler with his face covered in live crickets. The Guardian was the only living part of the Pillar of Souls, where it then asks a moving man the same question the Box Seller asked the customer in the final scene of the first film, "What's your pleasure sir?"
300px-The Puzzle Guardian 2

Later in Hellraiser: Hell on Earth, the Puzzle Guardian is shown working at the Pyramid Gallery, where it sells JP Pistonhead Monroe the Pillar of souls. When young reporter, Joey Summerskill and her friend Terri investigate the store, they discover that it has in fact been closed for roughly a month while the owner is on vacation and that the Guardian has gone.

The Guardian did not appear again until Hellraiser: Hellseeker, when Trevor Gooden, Kirsty's husband, enters a warehouse where the Guardian runs a sweatshop. The Guardian had previously delievered a business card stating that his sweatshop was where "All Problems were Solved" to draw Trevor in. The Guardian then sells Trevor the Lament Configuration, stating that the price one pays for the box is unimaginable, something that he would soon understand. When Trevor later returns to question the Guardian, he finds the sweatshop abandoned.
300px-The Puzzle Guardian 4

The Guardian at All Problems Solved


Although the Guardian of the Lament Configuration appears in various human forms, its true form is that of a skeletal reptilian creature, with long black horns growing from it's empty eye sockets, skeletal bat-like wings and tail. Some of the only abilities it is shown to have is flight, shapeshifting and fire resistance.




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