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This wiki about Hellraiser that anyone can edit. 81 articles since June 30 2009 when it was made. This site is for all the Hellraiser information including the comics so if any of you have pictures of the cenobites from the comics they are needed to perfect this site. Thank you.



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Leviathan657Added by Leviathan657
The Judge of Hell, Praetor Abatur follows Leviathan's dream of order. He weighs cenobites' hearts and rates them either guilty or innocent, as believe it or not even Hell has its own prsion. Abatur is known for his dislike towards Pinhead, also known as the Favoured one, and when Abatur held a tribunal for the Vasa Iniquitatis to be judge and Pinhead failed to show up, Abatur saw an opportunity, read more...




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