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Hunger on the cover of Hellraiser Volume 19

Hunger is a renowned Gash leader of Hell, famous for his slender appearence and ruthlessness.



A man named Adam solves the box and summons Hunger. Adam convinced Hunger to take Christopher, Adam's younger brother to Hell in Adam's place.


A man named Vincent is transported to a place called Carrboro Louisiana where he discovers the Carrboro Configuration inside Carrboro Hansen's Disease Center. Vincent then solves the box and summons Hunger, alongside his troops Sharpteeth, Walnuthead and Needles. Hunger made a deal with Vincent that if he brought Hunger souls that Hunger would make him a cenobite later and Vincent agrees.


Vincent takes Mary, a nurse at the Disease Center, to Hunger who tells her to throw the Carrboro Configuration then taking her to Hell to be made into a cenobite pet. Vincent goes looking for the box and unknowingly solves the Carrboro Disease Center which is another box, and he is taken to Hell by Hunger and his troops.

Hunger cenobites

From Top Left to Right: Walnuthead Hunger, Needles, Nosferatu, Sharpteeth. Along the bottom are two of the three cenobite pets made from Byron's family.

A man named Byron, during one family reunion, sets fire to a house with the entire family in it, killing them. Then Byron solves the Book of Riddles and summons Hunger, with Sharpteeth, Walnuthead, Needles, Burns, Nosferatu, Gridhead and a single cenobite pet. Hunger makes two cenobite pets from the family's remains and then takes Byron and Whitcomb, Byron's cousin, to Hell.


Ms. Hansell, a workaholic, and Mr. Wallace, a trillionaire, one day receive a letter from the University of Adversity along with a puzzle box. Together, they solve the Lament Configuration and summon Hunger alone. He takes them both to Hell where he begins his job as their personal trainer for the "elite ranks of Leviathan". When the two are sent back to Earth. Hunger makes sure that before Mr. Wallace goes back he understands his graduation requirements. When he does return, he has to complete an impossible task, proving to Hunger that he is still unsure of the art of the deal.

Since 1973, Adam has been living a normal life. One day, he witnesses Hunger collecting a Catholic, Christopher, who actually escaped Hell's custody and set off after his older brother. Hunger collects Christopher again and threathens to take Adam as well to "justify the expense" of his journey. Adam persuades Hunger to accept another person, Ben (Adam's son), as the man's replacement in Hell but unfortunately Christopher has already killed him. Hunger then explains that Hell won't accept "damaged merchandise" and that he really just wants to hear Adam scream so he takes him to Hell.


Hunger is a cenobite who has pale blue skin. He is bald with a tight leather, spike-covered suit that clings to his dangerously skinny body. His mouth is outstretched, much like Chatterer's and he has many sharp and pointed teeth. Hunger also has large bulbous, but threatening eyes and wears white gloves.



  • Drivers hands
  • Fire Trap
  • I in the Pyramid
  • Homecoming
  • In these Blue Depths Lie Hell
  • As Above...