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God of Flesh
God of Hunger
God of Desire
Lord of the Labyrinth


Angelique (Daughter)





Leviathan, Lord of The Labyrinth, is the god of flesh, hunger, and desire. It is the creator of the Cenobites and all beings in his dimension serve its will absolutely, willingly or otherwise.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Leviathan has the power to create any cenobite in any way, shape or form it sees fit to fulfill its purpose. It is radiant with beams of black light that causes those hit by it to see and feel their sins and wrongdoings.


Leviathan is weakened and suffers loss of power when the Lament Configuration is unsolved while in Hell. When this happens, it reverts into its cube state.


Leviathan's origin and early life is unknown, though judging by how many cenobites Hell has had over the course of many millennia, it may be safe to assume that Leviathan is possibly the fallen angel from the Bible. Leviathan itself looks like a completely solved Lament Configuration and reshapes into a cube when its powers shut down.

The sound that repeatedly emanates from Leviathan is Morse code for G.O.D., implying that the being is a fallen angel or God itself.

Quotes Edit

...that black light spittin', soul eatin', order happy, sado-masochistic, facet faced, unholier-than-thou ritualistic diamond...

Atkins, Hellraiser Nightbreed: Jihad (comic)

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