AbigorAeshma DevaAgathion
Agonistes: The Secret Face of GenesisAlastorAlastor's Gash
Amy KleinAngeliqueAngelique's cenobites
ApariusAtkinsBaby Cenobite
BalberithBalberith's MessangerBarbie
BaronBasaliskBlue Boy
BoatsmanBoundBound II
BrainBright EyesBurns
Camille NoireCattleskullCenobite
Cenobite BeesChalkisCharun
Chatterer (Disambiguation)Chatterer (Jim)Chatterer Beast
Chatterer IIIChidnaClive Barker's Pinhead
Doug BradleyDralebaDreamer
Elephant WomanErnesto's PapaFace
Fan DancerFemale CenobiteFemale Cenobite II
FlagellumFrank CottonFulgar
GehennaGrillardGrillard's Pet
Griot III'sGuardian of the Lament ConfigurationH
H E A D B U T T B O Y SHaloHalo II
HalobladesHellHellbound: Hellraiser II
HellraiserHellraiser: BloodlineHellraiser: Deader
Hellraiser: HellseekerHellraiser: HellworldHellraiser: Inferno
Hellraiser: JudgmentHellraiser: RevelationsHellraiser: The Dark Watch
Hellraiser: The Road BelowHellraiser III: Hell On EarthHellraiser III: Hell on Earth
Hellraiser WikiHungerHunger's Gash
Joey SumerskillJohnny JohnJoseph Thorne
Kirsty CottonLament ConfigurationLaughing Boy
LeviathanList of CenobitesLittle Sister
Lucidique: The AvengerMasterMerkova
Merkova's Lucky SixMetal JawMike
Mongroid: The Second ComingMr. SoulNeedles
OvidPaul GregoryPaul T. Taylor
Philip ChannardPinheadPinhead's Gash
Pinhead's Pet IPistonheadPraetor Abatur
Pseudo PinheadPseudo cenobiteRaven
RingSaucy JackSculptress
Scythe Meister: The Assassin TransformedSiamese TwinsSpike
Stephen Smith CollinsStitchSurgeon (Cenobite)
Surgeon (Hell worker)TalisacTalisac: The Surgeon of the Sacred Heart
Talisac (the Fix)The AuditorThe Boxer
The ButcherThe EngineerThe General
The HarrowersThe SeamstressThe Voice
TorsoTortured Souls: Animae DamnataeTurpis
Venal Anatomica: The Hunter of PrimordiumWalnutheadWhirl-Jack
Wire TwinsXaphanYama Vidatu

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