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From Left to Right: Cowboy, Haloblades, Cattleskull, Merkova, Turpis, Fulgar

The Gash called the Lucky Six was decided by the Harrowers solving the Puzzle Chamber, the cenobites summoned were destined to destroy the Harrowers and their goddess of chaos Morte Mamme, though their efforts proved unsuccessful.


  • Merkova- Leader, and lover of Pinhead. Has a skeletal horse-muzzel attached to her face, horse legs and has horse hair looming off her body along her arms.
  • Cowboy- A cowboy shaped cenobite who's described to look like he was wrapped in barbed wire
  • Haloblades- Much like Halo and Halo II, Haloblades has a halo like design embedded in his skull. Unlike the others, his halo is made up of thick curved razors instead of spikes and wires. Also covered from head to toe in black leather.
  • Cattleskull- A very old looking cenobite with black hair. His disfigurations include a giant cattle's skull embedded in his stomach with the horns coming up along his body and piercing his neck. Saw blades also cover his arms
  • Fulgar- A female cenobite with a spiked mechanism inserted into her stomach. Also wears a mask similar to Hannibal Lecter
  • Turpis- An older looking cenobite who has had his bones inside his arms extended stretching out the skin. The top of his skull also seems to have been ripped off and sewn back on. He has spikes jutting out of his stomach and human heads attached around his waist.