This page is about the character first appearing in Hellraiser: Judgment. For the Cenobite, see Surgeon (Cenobite).

After that, we wait to hear the verdict from The Jury. And if guilty, you will be taken to be cleaned and then to The Surgeon.

The Auditor to Karl Watkins

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The Surgeon is a worker from Hell, and a member of The Auditor's department. Unlike Pinhead's Gash, the Auditor's department does not serve the Order of the Gash religion and therefore its members are not classified as Cenobites.[1]


The Surgeon will debut in Hellraiser: Judgment, where he will be seen vivisecting Karl Watkins with surgical precision on an operating table.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The casting call for Hellraiser: Judgment called for a "Male, 30-60. The skinniest guy we can find. A full or partial lower limb amputee. Either a dancer or martial arts expert, or perhaps even a full or partial lower-limb amputee, giving him a real Road Warrior feel. He is lowered on a harness, Mission Impossible style."[2] The character was brought to life by a make-up effects team led by Mike Jay Regan and Mike Measimer.[1]