The Auditor
Human name: TBA
Gender: Male
Race: TBA
Hair: None
Eyes: TBA
Gashes: Auditor's Department
First appearance:
Hellraiser: Judgment

The Auditor is a blue-collar accountant in Hell, whose department is responsible for intercepting and processing the souls of sinners. His role is to make a note of a person's Earthly sins and transgressions, before passing them to The Assessor.

The Auditor and his department are not Cenobites, as they are separate from Pinhead's Gash and the Order of the Gash. While Auditor's department processes sinners, the Cenobites offer those who solve the Lament Configuration sadomasochistic pleasures.[1][2]



Other membersEdit

Deleted membersEdit

Members of the Auditor's department that were slated to appear in Judgment, but were removed for budgetary reasons.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character was partially inspired by Sam Lowry from Brazil and Itzhak Stern from Schindler's List.[2]