A sketch of The General

Human Name - Unknown
Occupation - Leader of Hell's Army
Prefered Weapon - Sword
Fate - Alive

A cenobite with high authority given by Leviathan himself, the General has a powerful voice and a stern sense of impatience.


May 10th 1992 (Mother's Day)Edit

The General is the cenobite that Leviathan had appointed to lead Hell's Army. When he was informed by Leviathan about the new Harrowers' mission to free Morte Mamme and the threat she and they may hold to Hell's order, The General held a Call to Arms to witness the solving of the Puzzle Chamber which would summon the Lucky Six, six cenobites desitined to fight the Harrowers. The Lucky Six turned out to be Merkova (Pihead's lover) Turpis, Cattleskull, Cowboy, Haloblades and Fulgar. The General was shocked when five of the six cenobites were dismembered and their remains were sent back to Hell, while Merkova kidnapped a Harrower and returned herself to Hell, though mortally wounded.

Oppacus FarrageEdit

Leviathan was not pleased with the General's actions, The General himself saying that by murdering their cenobites the Harrowers have thus declared war with Hell. The General fused the remains of the dead cenobites, Fulgar, Cattleskull, Haloblades, Cowboy and Turpis, to create a massive creature called the Oppacus Farrage, better known as the Furaie. He sent it to Earth and had it battle the Harrowers. The Harrowers, realizing the Furaie was too powerful, were close to giving up when Marty Sevenbirds, seeing no otherway, sacraficed his life for the will of the others. He plunged both himself and the Furaie into Hell's deepest pit, putting a permanent end to the cenobites and himself.


The General is a cenobite with pale blue skin. he has a large spike jutting out of the top of his shaved head and also his shoulders, elbows and ankles. Rather than a leather bound suit like most cenobites wear, The General wears an old army uniform with numerous medallions, possibly from his former life.



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