The Harrowers were a specially chosen group of humans by Morte Mamme to battle her brother, Leviathan, who had previously imprisoned Morte Mamme in a Puzzle chamber known as Morte's Tomb.


  • Bunny Benedict - The protector and sacred guardian of Morte's Tomb, a task passed down through generations. Bunny is attacked by cenobites and taken to Hell where it's revealed that she is a transvestite. Bunny is then saved by Ron and reborn the next day thanks to Morte Mamme's cleansing.
  • Ron Ringwood - A tattoo artist pulled into Morte Mamme's Harrowers. He is wounded due to his reckless behaviour many times during the battle with the cenobites. He is also the Harrower who traveled into Hell alone and saved Bunny from Pinhead's harm, because of Ron's reckless behaviour he can regenerate wounds almost instantly. Ron weilds a divine short sword.
  • Vera Wyshak - A woman on death row, Vera escaped her death sentence by becoming a Harrower, her blood and spit is corrosive and she weilds bladed boomerangs.
  • Winston Gage - A worker at an animal clinic, he found Zinc and shares a special bond with her. He can see through Zinc's eyes on command and can switch places with her via teleportation. Winston weilds a divine battle axe.
  • Zinc - Winston's pet cat, Zinc came to him after swallowing one of Morte Mamme's flies. Her collar was what lead Winston to the Egg museum. Zinc can allow Winston to see through her eyes as well as to switch locations with Winston.
  • Lucinda & Lavinia Claire - The Claire twins, born wealthy, the two Harrowers feeling more that they are worthless compared to the other Harrowers, so Morte Mamme creates Ovid as a guide. Ovid helps the two over come their fear which leads to the cenobites' defeat. They can create duplicates of themselves and they weild a divine lasso as a weapon.
  • Dublin Morse - An ex professor who's peacefulness allowed him to communicate with the fly that came to him from Morte Mamme and lead him to the other Harrowers. Dublin has the power of invisiblility and weilds a divine dagger.
  • Marty Sevenbirds - A pacifist who overcomes his dislike of fighting in order to save the lives of his fellow Harrowers on more than one occasion. Marty sacrificed himself to eliminate the threat of the Furaie and now the two are locked in eternal combat inside Morte's Tomb. Marty could generate electricity from his body and weilded a divine longsword.


After Morte Mamme was imprisoned, Morte Mamme selected six Harrowers to free her from her imprisonment, unfortunatly though Leviathan some how managed to trick the Harrowers and so all six of them ended up dead, thus failing Morte Mamme.

Many years later, Morte Mamme was feeling as if all was lost, though maggots that came to her supplied Morte Mamme with another chance at freedom. Morte Mamme encouraged the maggots to eat her flesh and then shed their skins, becoming flies. The flies escape through the rift that Morte Mamme's earthquake caused and each one leads the new Harrowers to the Egg museum where Morte's Tomb was.

When the Harrowers all meet up, another earthquake opened the way to Morte's Tomb where they found the past Harrowers. Together, the Harrowers manage to solve Morte's Tomb and release Morte Mamme once and for all. Morte Mamme then warned the Harrowers of the cenobites that they would have to fight against, and so she gave each of the Harrowers divine weapons formed from her life force.

After the Harrowers reached topside, Winston saw Merkova's Lucky Six's arrival through the eyes of Zinc, who's life was being threatened by Merkova, as well as Bunny strung up by hooked chains in the ceiling. Winston switched places with Zinc and severed Merkova's arms. The battle between The Harrowers and the Cenobites began.

Dublin used his invisibility to stab Cowboy, and Ron attacked Cattleskull, only to be strung up via hooks. Vera saved Ron but was attacked by Cattleskull's chains. When begging for help from Morte Mamme, she was given the power to have her blood and saliva become corrosive, thus saving her from death. Marty saved Ron from Merkova, who nearly killed him, he stabbed Merkova in the thigh with his divine longsword, forcing her to retreat.

Morte Mamme also created the being known as Ovid, who acted as a guide for the scared Claire twins. Morte Mamme also allowed the twins to create mirror images of themselves, which Ovid used to confuse the cenobites while Lavinia and Lucinda lassoed the cenobites. Ovid then released his fumes over the cenobites to disorient them while Marty electrocuted the trapped cenobites and the other Harrowers massacre them. Merkova managed to escape the death, and she then dragged Bunny Benedict to Hell via her teeth at the battle's end.

Bunny is forced by Pinhead and Merkova to watch The Harrowers get attacked by a beast that Pinhead created from the remains of the fallen cenobites called The Furaie through a puddle of blood. The Harrowers don't seem to be a match for The Furaie, especially being without Ron and Bunny as Ron traveled into Hell to save her.

Marty, seing how dire the situation had become, sacraficed himself by electricuting himself and toppling a statue on top of the Furaie, sending both plunging into Morte's Tomb where they'll be forever locked in combat. Meanwhile, Ron saved Bunny from Pinhead's torture, were found out she is actually a transvestite, and the two leave Hell while Merkova dies in Pinhead's arms.

Bunny was put into Morte Mamme's womb when the Harrowers reunited, and was reborn within a matter of minutes. Morte Mamme informs them that within 24 hours, Bunny will transform anew, into what exactly is impossible to determine. Bunny then transformed into a little girl 24 hours later and Morte Mamme revealed that they are to expect war against the cenobites.

Later, Vera helped Kate Johnson by entering Hell. She killed Aparius when he confronted her and then followed the roots of the tree that has bound all the trapped souls of the Johnson family, Vera killed the queen bee and bled on the trees roots, freeing the souls and allowing them to be cleansed by Morte Mamme, Kate and her husband spent their last 24 hours together before he transformed. Vera then headed off on her own to parts unknown.