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Human Name: Unknown
Occupation: Cenobite
Gashes: Pinhead's
Fate: Unknown

Torso is one of many cenobites modelled after the great Chatterer cenobite, and he is possibly the most brutally altered human in all of the history of the cenobites surgical practices.


In the pursuit of perpetual pain and suffering and favorism focused towards Chatterer lead to the creation of the Torso cenobite. In the process Chatterer himself worked closely with the Engineers to create his image. They were successful in creating a new cenobite with Chatterer's likeness, but also with its own unique style. After Chatterer died, Torso searched with much effort for his master, wandering the many winding halls of the Labyrinth, but sadly he would never again meet his master.

Following in his masters footsteps, Torso joined Pinhead's Gash alongside the Wire Twins. Together they tortured one specific soul named Joseph Thorne who had been trapped in Limbo. They extracted a childhood version of Joseph as well as a cenobite-like creature called The Engineer, though strictly not an Engineer or a cenobite. Using these as well as manipulated past meories of Joseph's friends and family as well as his profession, they made Joseph realize his misdeeds and that he was sentenced to Limbo to forever live out his death continuously. After this the Torso cenobite is never seen or heard from again leaving its fate unknown.


Torso is a cenobite with the likeness of Chatterer, none of his facial features can be seen, apart from his mouth which has been stretched apart by hooked chains and small squinty eyes, though this is mostly covered. His face appears to be twisted and mutilated to look similar to Chatterer's burn scars. As his name suggests, he is missing his entire lower body. A section of his bare spine protrudes from where his lower body was removed. He also has pale white skin covered with a mass of mutilating cuts.




  • Mike J Regan


Despite being similar to Chatterer, Torso doesn't communicate by chattering his teeth. Torso communicates by snarling, snorting and hissing.

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