"Tortured Souls" is a novelette written by Clive Barker, and included with the Tortured Souls series of collectible figures he designed with Todd McFarlane in 2001. Each chapter was included separately with the series 1 figures. Clive Barker designed a second series of these figures in 2002, and they were also released by Todd McFarlane.

The story was broken into six parts, each corresponding with the figure it was packaged with. The order is as follows:

Book 1 - Agonistes: The Secret Face of Genesis

Book 2 - Scythe Meister: The Assassin Transformed

Book 3 - Lucidique: The Avenger

Book 4 - Talisac: The Surgeon of the Sacred Heart

Book 5 - Venal Anatomica: The Hunter of Primordium

Book 6 - Mongroid: The Second Coming


Film adaptionEdit

A film version is planed to be released in 2011.


  • Agonistes ... TBA
  • Scythe-Meister ... TBA
  • Lucidique ... TBA
  • Talisac ... TBA
  • Venal Anatomica ... TBA
  • Mongroid ... TBA

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