Wire Twins



The Wire Twins are Leviathan's sisters of tormented pleasure. Two human twins were turned into Cenobites after they stumbled across the Labyrinth. Their unending existence is now spent sharing the sadomasochistic pleasures of Hell.[1]


The Wire Twins wear revealing cenobite attire with their stomachs held open by wires. They are completely bald and they have wires for hair that come out the top of their heads and their eyes are held in slits by wires. they have wires coming from their forehead where the hair line is and it joins with the wires on their head. Their tongues are long, black, and serpentine. Their chin is attached to the collar of their bra by wires. The Wire Twins both have a symbol on the side of their heads that has been carved into their head. The first twin appears to be a sickle with two dots one behind the handle and one in the centre of the sickle, while the other has a bigger sickle but having a line going through it and joining at the end.



  1. Wire_Twins_Torso.jpg

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